I approach therapy as a mutual journey, where we work together to find new resources, healthier habits and better ways to tame what can often appear unruly, confusing or even threatening parts of our lives. Together we will discover what you need in order to work with intense feelings, and challenging situations.  Our work can enrich your self-care and find ways to bring a grounded sense of meaning to your life.

My unique background in mindfulness-awareness meditation, mind-body techniques, guided imagery, deep-relaxation yoga and other mindfulness practices offers all my clients, of any age, the opportunity to learn research proven practices that can build lifelong health and a personal sense of well-being.

Trauma, Anxiety and Depression

I work with past or current trauma applying EMDR and other mind-body techniques to help you move through the feelings of “stuckness” related to the shock and lingering distress.  Together we can learn to honor, accept, and let go of your feelings of grief and loss, always going at your own pace.  I have extensive experience working with many forms of anxiety and depression,  family and work changes, grief, trauma, menopause, life transitions and relationship challenges.

Adolescent Challenges
As an adolescent specialist, I have consulted in several school districts, which is an added view point in bringing health to your adolescent.  I understand the environment, dynamics and regulations in our educational system.  I am a resource to help navigate the demands that impact adolescents and their parents as they relate with the school issues.  I work closely with school professionals to ensure continuity for your adolescent’s progress in therapy and can help guide you through the “red tape” of school policy. When working with an adolescent, it is often helpful to bring in the parents/care-givers, siblings, even friends to support the healthy change.  I consult with parents as the therapy progresses and also offer parent coaching.

Working Together
Therapy is most beneficial when both client and therapist are on the same page from the very start and I recommend weekly appointments in the beginning to really get to know each other and map out a plan. I do accept some insurance policy reimbursements, but generally I encourage my clients to pay directly for each session and manage their financial arrangements directly with their insurance companies.

Please contact me for a phone conversation and to set up an appointment.