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In today’s fast paced, often stressful world – filled with imposing work demands, complex technology, and challenging personal relationships – we can too often find ourselves frantically speeding past our lives rather than actually living them and listening to our inner wisdom.  And each day more and more of us are seeking ways to slow down, take a deep breath and get in touch with what we are actually experiencing –  to open to our friends and families; to strengthen our hearts and bodies; to make healthy strong decisions, and to explore life’s joys and difficulties.

Our mission is to give you the tools and the motivation to do just that: to live a courageous life by knowing yourself deeply and following a path to health and well being based on your own inner wisdom. Mindfulness/Awareness meditation is the clear and direct path to strengthening our relationship with our inner wisdom and to fully being present in our lives.  Science is behind the power of this meditation.  We know that practicing mindfulness/awareness meditation, loving-kindness meditation, and other forms of self-reflection offer vast health benefits from lowering blood pressure to managing stress to increasing the immune system…..and even improving our social and emotional relationships and our daily lives.

 The mind-body connection is real. It is at the core of our mental and physical health and is at the core of all our therapies. Self-care forms the basis of this work and through a safe, confidential and supportive environment, we offer a variety of therapies including mindfulness meditation, deep relaxation exercises, individual therapy, group exploration and more designed for exploring, discovering and empowering your authentic self and uncovering strengths that support a powerful and fulfilling life.  Working closely together, we will build your personal self-care plan and with the support of trained clinicians and fellow travelers, you will find what others have found….

“I am more mindful in both my personal and professional life”

”I find that I am better able to manage strong emotions”

“I feel more at ease and content with my day to day personal interactions and activities.”

Welcome to the possibility of living a healthy life with courage, wisdom and joy.